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Zero Foodprint Asia and its members work together to support farmers in the region to adopt regenerative farming practices; with the primary focus on improving soil health, increasing biodiversity, to produce more nutrient-dense crops, all the while drawing down bad atmospheric carbon and turning them into good soil carbon.

Impact To Date

Vegetable crops


Farm Projects Awarded


CO2 sequestration potential (in tonnes)

*calculation is based on initial research on existing scientific literature and modeling on USDA's Comet Planner

Lemon crops

HKD 2.68m

Funds Granted

Black Soil



Who Are They?

This year, we awarded 6 farmers in Hong Kong who showed incredible enthusiasm and readiness in preparing for the regenerative transition. Each of the farms demonstrated huge potentials for restoring soil health, for reintroducing biodiversity, and for leading the agricultural community to recognize nature-first farming practices in Hong Kong.

Want to review last year's (2022-2023) farms? Click here to learn more!

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