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Noah's Forest

Being also last year’s Restore Fund recipient, Vienna from Noah’s Forest has learnt about the benefits of regenerative farming to her farm surrounded by native plants and trees. They hope to continue sustaining their educational purpose while conserving the environment with improved soil and crop health.

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Farmer Applicant: Vienna Pang

Location: Ta Ku Ling, Hong Kong

Farm Size: 2 DC / 14,300 sq.ft / 0.3 acres

Produce Grown: Lettuce, tomato, longan, choy sum, Chinese celery, carrot, green pepper, green beans, eggplant, edible flowers, fig, coffee etc.

Regenerative Practices to Implement:

Mulching, compost application, alley cropping, nutrient management, conservation crop rotation, pastrue and hay planting, contour buffer strips, grassed waterway
Project Period: October 2022 - September 2023, October 2023 - September 2024 (second term)

Carbon Sequestration Potential: 1T CO2

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Project Updates:

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