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Organic Farmula

Organic Farmula aims to help the community build a healthy lifestyle by growing all-natural, chemical free and local produce by also offering hands-on experience for the public. Kelvis hopes to continue the mission with regenerative measures to witness the return of her soil’s “vitality” and resistance to extreme weather.

farmer Kelvis
farmer tending farm

Farmer Applicant: Kelvis Keung Yi Ting

Location: Kam Tin, Hong Kong

Farm Size: 10 DC / 72,600 sq.ft / 1.65 acres

Produce Grown: Most leafy vegetables (including salad leaves), potato, watermelon, sweet potato, cucumber, bitter gourd, fuzzy gourd, eggplant, corn, okra, green beans, string beans, taro, jicama, ginger, spring onion, tomato, cherry tomatoes strawberry, honeydew, herbs, fruit trees

Regenerative Practices to Implement:

Compost application, cover crop, mulching, nutrient management., conservation crop rotation, alley cropping, herbaceous wind barrier
Project Period: October 2023 - September 2024

Carbon Sequestration Potential: 4T CO2

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