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1% Pledge

Donating 1% of your food business' sales to soil restoration projects is the easiest and most impactful way for the hospitality sector to participate in climate action.

Findings suggest that adding a charge of 1% towards carbon farming would accomplish as much environmental benefit as offsetting the estimated impact from the restaurant’s operation. And climate scientists and economists backs this as well. Just 1-2% of global GDP each year invested into existing, readily available climate solutions will allow us to reach drawdown by 2050.

ZFPA's model is predicated on creating change on acres of land, as opposed to just certifying good practices within the current system. Just a few dollars from restaurant meals or other food purchases, in aggregate, can create acres and acres of healthy soil and shift us from the extractive "conventional" agricultural system to a renewable food system.

The 1% Pledge Program is the least time-consuming initiative for food businesses to implement. While ZFPA helps train your staff and provide guidance to best communicate what regenerative farming is and where the money goes, the restaurant simply transfers the funds collected each month to the ZFPA Restore Fund. 


1. Hospitality businesses place a 1% surcharge onto the customer's check, or they may increase their selling prices by 1%.

2. Businesses contribute this 1% monthly to ZFPA's Restore Fund.

3. Local and regional farmers then apply for these funds to assist in their transition to regenerative agricultural practices. 

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