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Sze Chung from Sangwoodgoon has been practising organic permaculture farming with 3 partners for 12 years. They have knowledge in organic permaculture and are excited to learn about the feasibility of regenerative farming for southern/subtropical crops, so that they can continue to educate the public about holistic living with nature.

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Farmer Applicant: Chow Sze Chung

Location: Kam Tin, Hong Kong

Farm Size: 5 DC / 36,300 sq.ft / 0.83 acres

Produce Grown: Cucumber, fuzzy gourd, luffa, winter melon, pumpkin, bitter gourd, chinese white cabbage, amaranth, calabash, green beans, string beans, sweet potato, malabar spinach, okra, eggplant, potato, beetroot, carrot, cabbage.broccoli, lettuce, indian lettuce, bean sprouts etc.

Regenerative Practices to Implement:

Compost application, mulching, nutrient management., cover crop, and reduced tillage
Project Period: October 2023 - September 2024

Carbon Sequestration Potential: 5T CO2

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