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Carbon Neutrality Program (Q2 2023)

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The Carbon Neutrality Program works to help food businesses like yours measure, track and reduce your foods ingredients' emissions, support you in your net-zero journey, and turn carbon neutral via funding regenerative agricultural initiatives across the Asian region.

How we're growing food, directly impacts the climate and how we redefine financing for the agricultural sector in the future will be shaped by regenerative farming principles.

ZFPA's carbon neutrality program equips food businesses with the tools to become increasingly aware of your environmental impact and create tangible change for future operations.

Together, we will pursue a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of your food business over the course of 12 months, determining your operations' carbon footprint, land use, and water use of menu ingredients.

With the help of Foodsteps UK, we will produce a scientifically vetted assessment of your menu ingredients' environmental impacts, suggest workable options to reduce these impacts, save operational costs in the long run, and maximize the opportunity to stand out as environmental leaders in their field.

As the old saying goes,

"what gets measured, gets managed"!

ZFPA program

Your restaurants' total operational emissions are then translated into dollars, where a monthly carbon neutrality fee will be paid by your food business to fund local and regional regenerative agricultural projects. Not only does regenerative agriculture sequester tonnes of carbon in the soil annually, the transition simultaneously supports the livelihoods of local smallholder farmers, ensures food security, resilience to vulnerabilities and enhances nutrition in foods. 

We're ALL part of the solution to create a robust food system that is better able to withstand climate impact and ensure access to safe and nutritious food for all.

Visit the Foodsteps website to learn more about the software platform or enquire for a Q&A demo session with us!

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