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Cham Shan Farm

Cham Shan Farm has been our grantee of last year’s Restore Fund Program. Farmer Pat Fan has been very satisfied with the results under regenerative measures, such as reduced pests and diseases issues and longer harvest period, and hoped to sustain his farm that way. He has stated that since he has been making his own nutrient amendments instead of buying high nitrogen fertilizers from other sources, his input costs has reduced nearly 50%.

man on a farm
farmer watering crops

Farmer Applicant: Chan Pat Fan

Location: Fanling, Hong Kong

Farm Size:  12 DC / 87,120 sq.ft / 2 acres

Produce Grown: Gourds/melons, beans/legumes, leafy vegetables, fruit trees, herbs.

Regenerative Practices to Implement:

Mulching, nutrient management, compost application, and tree shrub establishment.
Project Period: October 2022 - September 2023, October 2023 - September 2024 (second term)

Carbon Sequestration Potential: 21T CO2

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