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Why Join?

Besides restoring our planet, becoming a ZFPA member happens to pose additional benefits too. 

  • Participating costs food and beverage establishments $0.

  • Differentiate your business as forward-thinking.

  • Attract mindful and conscious consumers and employees.

  • Create better food.

  • Change the world, effortlessly.

ZFPA Partners

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Limewood Logo
Jia Restaurant Group logo
Green Bottle Co logo
Hyatt Centric The Farm House
Mott 32 Logo
Estro logo
Hyatt Regency Sha Tin
Sip Song logo
Hyatt Centric
Sha Tin 18
Tin Tin Bar
Hyatt Regency Patisserie
Hyatt Regency Pool Bar
Hyatt Regency Cafe
Hyatt Regency TST HUGO
The Chinese Restaurant
Grand Hyatt Hotel
Grand Hyatt Grissini
Grand Hyatt Waterfall Bar
Grand Hyatt The Grill
Grand Hyatt Steakhouse Logo
Grand Hyatt Kaetsu logo
Grand Hyatt One Harbour Road Logo
Grand Hyatt Champagne Bar logo

ZFPA Supporters

Nectar Interior Design

Check out more information about the 1% pledge and how you can help to make a difference. 

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