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16 Mar 2023


As the weather gets warmer and wetter, winter vegetable crops like cabbages are almost over. Pat Fan is now hurrying to plant new crops like gourds and legumes. These seedlings are now in a critical stage to build bonds with soil microbes so compost and mushroom substrates must be used, and it takes a lot of labor to get those materials from storage to the field.


The farm is phasing out fertilizers and replacing them with EM fermented liquids to balance the NPK with carbon and micronutrients, and at the same time adding beneficial bacteria to the soil. It is not easy for any farmers to let go of things they’ve used for decades so TAPs and our advisor Josephine have to have close communication with farmers, and demonstrate the positive effects of the new practices, especially on the reduction of pests and diseases. Seeing the pumpkin seedlings grow fast and strong really gives farmers more confidence to take the transition further.

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