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Dec 2023

As one of Hong Kong’s earliest adopters of organic practices, AuLaw Organic Farm has always strived for high standards. Witnessing a decline in yield quality in recent years, farmer Hing, aka “Big Sister,” has turned to a different solution – regenerative farming. 

Crop quality wasn’t the only issue they faced. Years of using high potassium content fertilizer has also caused an imbalance in soil microbiology, leading to severe pest and disease problems, including powdery mildew, red spiders and the dreaded invasive fire ants. This year, they hope to solve these problems using soil restoring farming solutions.  

Since the start of the Restore project, Big Sister has been a highly engaged participant in the training organized by our soil expert consultant, eager to find new ways to improve the farm. She’s a quick learner, too, sharing her newly gleaned knowledge about the benefits of compost tea (“to build a healthy fungal to bacterial ratio”) in a recent conversation.

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