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Mar 2023 - Combined updates of AuLaw Organic Farm and Organic Farmula

Transitioning from industrial farming to regenerative farming takes time, it could last years before soil fully regains its nutrients and develops underground biodiversity.  While ZFPA’s Restore Fund only lasts for a year, our new grantees Organic Farmula and AuLaw Organic Farm are already keen on adopting nature-friendly methods to grow food in the long run. With the help of their TAPs, Wendy and CC have been figuring out how to implement certain practices more efficiently, starting with infrastructure installation. 


As we have mentioned previously, applying compost tea and nutrient amendments regularly are necessary in the early stages of transition, but at the same time they are time consuming and manpower costly. To solve such problems, Organic Farmula and AuLaw Organic farms have purchased and are in the process of purchasing more equipment to ease their application process through our grant.

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