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Restore Projects Recap Documentary

A bee collecting honey from yellow flower

Implementing a table-to-farm initiative in Asia that’s never been heard before hasn't been easy and given that our economy puts heavy emphasis on tertiary industry, the agricultural sector is often ignored and looked down on. From sourcing raw materials to land ownership issues, or convincing the food sector to join our mission, we and our partners have all faced it. While there were disappointing and frustrating moments, we persisted to make meaningful and lasting impact for our planet.


As the world proceeds to understand the value of good food in fighting against climate change and restoring our planet, there are countless opportunities for collaboration and to expand the implementation of regenerative food production. We welcome you with open arms to join us and work together for a better future.


Let’s hear it from our farmers and partners what they think about the Restore Projects!

The documentary is partially funded by 1% For the Planet of Patagonia. Their support also contributed to the Restore Fund, helping farmers in the region to transition and adopt regenerative farming practices.


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