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BRIEFINGS with ZFPA - Roganic - Chef Ash Salmon

Hailed by the eponymous British chef Simon Rogan, the first HK Michelin Green Star recipient Roganic is celebrated for their highly complex and beautifully crafted dishes. The restaurant carries a strong emphasis on sourcing local, in season farmed and foraged ingredients - which we have had the honour to witness first hand from their weekly #cropstoshops purchases. As ongoing supporters of ZFPA, the team behind Roganic have donated proceeds from their “Friends of Sustainability” series to the Restore Fund, helping farmers in the region restore soil health, grow better food, and draw down carbon from the atmosphere. Listen to Head Chef Ash Salmon as he shares his takeaways from his partnership with ZFPA and HKFP - a genuine way to truly collaborate and invest in our community. The ZFPA team look forward to continuously working closely with the Roganic team! #briefingswithzfpa


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