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What is Zero Foodprint Asia?

Zero Foodprint Asia (ZFPA), an extension of Zero Foodprint (ZFP) in California, is a nonprofit organization mobilizing the food world around agricultural climate solutions. ZFPA hosts a crowdfunding program that gathers funds from member food businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bars and food retailers. Members pledge 1% of every restaurant purchase to ZFPA to fund regenerative farming practices that draw down carbon from the atmosphere and help combat global warming; this is the ZFP model.


So how do we do this?

1% Pledge

  • Restaurants / F&B retailers (partners) add a 1% surcharge on customer's bills or increase their selling prices.

  • Partners contribute the additional 1% to ZFPA's Restore Funds.

  • The funds will be granted to local farms (assessed and verified by the ZFPA advisory board) to aid them in transitioning to regenerative agricultural practices/carbon farming.

  • Local scientists and conservation experts to oversee and manage implementation.

Here’s the deal. Industrial agriculture is subsidized; regenerative agriculture is not.


To even things out, ZFPA partners collect a few dollars per meal which adds up to make renewable farming possible. Think of it as crowd-funded grants to farmers for the carbon-storing benefits of growing better food.


Q2 2022

Carbon Neutrality Program/ Life-Cycle Assessment

Both pathways contribute to large-scale reform by creating acres of healthy soil and removing shit tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere. The Carbon Neutrality/LCA Program additionally equips food businesses with the tools to become increasingly aware of their environmental impact and create sustainable change for future operations. For more info behind the science, visit: zerofoodprint.org

  • Members will examine the environmental impact of their operations, including products from raw material to used item.

  • Receive in-depth reporting with recommendations and actionable insights for reducing emissions

  • Membership dues will be calculated in relation to businesses operational emissions

  • Dues will be pledged to ZFPA's Restore Funds


ZFPA Businesses

We come from the restaurant business. We live the struggle every day. Knowing that we want to do more but don't have the time (or often, budget) to get around every aspect of meeting best practices is a dilemma. 1% pledge will help you get started on this journey towards collective action where just a few dollars per sale can add up to make renewable farming possible.

Why Join?

The World Needs Restaurants! (And restaurants need to be serving better, more traceable and ethically sourced food.)

Besides restoring our planet, becoming a ZFPA partner happens to pose additional benefits too.

  • The 1% Pathway costs food and beverage establishments $0

  • Differentiate your business as forward-thinking

  • Attract mindful and conscious consumers and employees

  • Create better food

  • Change the world, effortlessly



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