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Jan 2024

As we mentioned in update 1 that they could not make compost tea on site, we recently learned that wood chips cannot be delivered as well due to its location. One might ask, how are they doing with crops’ growth and weed infestation?


Despite physical obstacles at Sangwoodgoon, farmers still work dedicatedly to implement regenerative farming as much as possible and devoting their time on perfecting specific practices. Nutrient amendments unsurprisingly became their focus. While they are still testing out different ferments, their recipes contain a lot more ingredients than others Restore grantees in order to supplement enough nutrients to their crops. Some crops have shown inspiring results!


Furthermore, Sangwoodgoon reinitiated their market and learning hub, promoting community-supported agriculture (CSA) and deepening our relationship with nature. @sangwood_seeds_lab also hosts farm tours and farming workshops, advancing the agriculture movement in Hong Kong.

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