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ZFPA Summer Interns!

Since Peggy has had Grassroots, she's been a big believer that change will come from the youth. Hence why over the past 10 years, she has taken on over 200 interns who have all expressed an interest in how food intersects with climate. These past 12 months have been no different and we're ready for more boots on the ground! We're thrilled to welcome our class of 2022 Summer Interns helping us drive the ZFPA agenda!

Om Melwani - Research and Podcast

I envision the world 50 years from now in which we are not constantly at odds with our environment - Where human beings compassionately coexist with nature instead of plundering. Working with ZFPA, I would like to learn about their sustainability practices so that I can substantially contribute to my vision.

Kylie Law - Multimedia

I think multimedia is crucial for promoting regenerative agriculture on social media platforms. Being an intern at ZFPA, video editing skills could be applied and improved, gaining practical experience. I hope I can make new friends during the tasks!

Nick Leung - Admin & Communications

We talk about food a lot, but farming practices are often snubbed in discussions. Knowing well ZFPA is one of the very few NGOs that promote regenerative farming in HK and actually helps local farmers, it would be a missed opportunity to not learn from them. I hope to meet like-minded colleagues and learn from each other as well.

Tim Yu - Business & Communications

I joined ZFPA this summer for myriad reasons. First and foremost, I am passionate about the fields of sustainability and nutrition, which are elements seamlessly incorporated and championed by the company. I feel infinitely motivated and enriched by the opportunity to contribute to an enterprise that strives to better our planet, while simultaneously gaining invaluable internship experience that boosts my personal growth in terms of both ability and character.

Yoanna Wan - Promotional Video

As a youth longing to improve the worsening condition of our planet, ZFPA has opened my mind about the future development of environmental protection with how and why we are doing so.


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