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"Goodbye, Organic: Hello, Regen-Certified"

Instead of dictating how farmers, well, should farm, let their outputs speak for themselves! This could kickstart the most effective and genuine adoption of regenerative agricultural practices - by incentivizing farmers to take land and soil health into account.

Less required inputs, boosted yields, and nutritious and tastier crops are enough to gain farmers commitment to such practices, in addition to meeting the increasing demand from consumers. Organic doesn’t cut it anymore - we want food that’s chemical free AND is grown using methods that restores earth.

"...major companies are beginning to invest in regenerative farms. In 2019, General Mills, motivated by the business threat of climate change, committed to advance regenerative agricultural practices on one million acres of farmland by 2030. Meanwhile, Cargill has committed funds to promote regenerative systems, and food supplier Tate & Lyle has invested in a sustainable agriculture program. Better soil, it turns out, is better business."


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