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BRIEFINGS with ZFPA - BEDU - Laura Offe & Corey Riches

Located on Gough St Central, BEDU is proudly owned and operated by the brother-sister duo, Alex and Laura, who took inspiration for this delight from the nomadic wanderings of the Bedouin tribes across the deserts of North Africa to the rocky sands of the Middle East. We've posted about their broccoli dish before, but really every dish on their menu is spot on. We’re grateful they opened up this exotic gem in our concrete jungle and even happier to know that the team behind it genuinely wants to understand their carbon footprint and contribute to better, more restorative local farming. Hear it from Laura and Group Executive Chef Corey about their journey so far with ZFPA - or even better, head to Gough St to enjoy a tasty meal and hear it from them! #briefingswithzfpa


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