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BRIEFINGS with ZFPA - ANDO - Chef Agustin Balbi

Ando’s philosophy is to observe, listen and learn from nature - which the ZFPA team has witnessed first hand on a farm visit with Chef Agustin. The restaurant’s menu is heavily influenced by seasonality, market availability and responsibility, and Agus’ tasting menus express his unorthodox yet delicious approach inspired by his Argentinian background and Japanese training. You will never come across a smilier chef who doesn’t mind exhausting the use of happy face and strong arm emojis as much as he does. Every time you dine at Ando, 1% of your bill will be pledged towards helping farmers in the region to restore soil health and to grow tastier, more nutritious ingredients; which Ando’s chefs can then purchase to create incredible dishes for you. The circle of food life is real. #briefingswithzfpa


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