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Astungkara Way Updates #1

Farmers committed for demonstration of regenerative practices, Astungkara Way team and reNature team.

In view of Bali’s diminishing local agricultural sector, Tanguy and his team in Astungkara Way initiated a project with reNature to showcase regenerative farming practices to inspire a next generation of farmers.

In 2021, Tanguy and his team have already launched a “Healthy Rice Campaign” to encourage farmers to grow chemical-free rice. Now, they are taking a step further to facilitate farmers’ transition to regenerative farming.

The area consists of 86 hectares of rice paddies managed by 220 farmers so the potential of such a transition is huge. The project aims to set up a regenerative demonstration and learning hub for farmers. 3.8 hectares of rice paddies from 5 farmers have already been committed for the demonstration.

The first meeting of the reNature team with farmers. Survey was conducted to better understand the farmers’ current farming practices, experience and resources.

With the support from reNature, capacity building sessions are now regularly taking place where farmers meet experts of rice production and exchange thoughts on how to implement new practices.

Dr. Uma, an expert on complex rice production systems often shares her observations and farmers’ feedback with us. Farmers in the area raise animals and grow a variety of crops other than rice, but these production systems are separated. Carefully designed interactions of these elements can create synergy and make the rice production more productive while reducing reliance on harmful chemicals.

The first step farmers are happy to try is to incorporate ducks into the rice paddies. The ducks would eat weeds and pests, which saves farmers’ labor and helps them reduce the use of chemicals. Also, ducks are easy to sell in the market, which is a great motivation for farmers.

Little ducks raised by farmers, who will be great helpers for growing rice!


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