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14 April 2023:

Chicken manure is a common fertilizer directly applied to soil in local vegetable farms. Its excessively high NPK content without proper balance of carbon and micronutrients makes it an undesirable soil amendment. Excessive use of chicken manure harms soil, making it salty and compacted. This is a nightmare for farmers but a paradise for pests and diseases!

Throughout the first half of the Restore project, our advisor and TAPs have been working hard to assist Cheong Gor to phase out chicken manure, and replace it with compost and a wide variety of materials that provide well-balanced nutrients to both soil microorganisms and crops. It is encouraging to know that Cheong Gor’s recent impressive harvest of yellow zucchini is grown without any chicken manure! This clearly demonstrates that a good harvest and environmental health do not have to be in conflict.

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