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6 May 2023


Since Fa Liu Farm started practicing regenerative farming, brown mulching is now everywhere. To prepare the soil bed in consonance with nature, Green (farmer) generously spreads brown mulching materials like wood chips and dried leaves to imitate the healthy topsoil in nature and minimize the bare soil surface. It increases the organic matter on topsoil and provides food for microbes at the same time. With the principle of “No Till, No Disturbance”, it maintains a better root system and soil structure. 


As spring arrives, Fa Liu is becoming a “Paradise of Gourd & Squash”!  Farmer Green is nurturing her white gourd, cucumber, chayote, spaghetti squash, etc. Under the humid and hot climate, powdery mildew is a common fungal disease affecting many varieties of gourds. Green once successfully prevented its deterioration on the chayotes by mixing and applying the effective microorganisms (EM) with the seaweed fertilizer liquid. Although it was not able to endure the heat, she still found a potential remedy. Now she is attempting to apply SOBE bio-liquid fertilizer on seedlings so that she can give it a head start for better health. 

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