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1% for the Climate
Eat for Earth: April 17 - 23, 2022

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This Earth Week, we think you should exert as little energy as possible.

At Zero Foodprint, we’re all about combatting climate change with good food. So this year, we've joined hands with our global ZFP counterparts to raise awareness (and dollars)  helping to protect one of earth's most crucial natural resource: SOIL!

All you need to do is do what you do best and we will take care of the carbon for you. Join our global campaign to support regional farmers helping us restore our planet together!


Choose from this Menu of Options


 1% Pledge

Become a Zero Foodprint Asia Restaurant Partner for a week! Simply commit 1% of sales from Earth Week (April 17-23, 2022) to support farmers implementing regenerative practices that sequesters carbon, and so much more!

Get creative

Want to support another way? We know that our community is bursting with creativity. You can also support by:

  • Donating any $ amount from sales of a specific drink or dish

  • Creating a new special to benefit the cause

  • Contributing any $ amount for every customer

  • Adding a round up donation to the check

  • Choose your own adventure!

Sharing Partners

If you are unable to contribute financially, you can still share the opportunity with your guests. We will provide a social tool kit, and printed materials that allow your customers to donate directly.

After Sign-up

Zero Foodprint makes it simple and impactful to improve the food system and restore the climate with each purchase. So you do what you do best - serve a great meal, and we'll take care of the atmosphere for you.

Let us power your impact and 
promote your participation globally, while making it easy to share your actions with your customers.

What you'll receive:

  • Social Media Kit

  • Printed Materials

  • Sample Press Release

  • Customisable Templates

For Individuals

Donate directly to the Restore Fund!
Your generous contributions allows us to help farmers transform bad atmospheric carbon into good soil carbon!

Food Spread
Join ZFP Earth Week
Yes, I want to transform eating into a climate action!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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