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Current Farming Projects

Zero Foodprint Asia and its members work together to support farmers in the region to adopt regenerative farming practices; with the primary focus on improving soil health, increasing biodiversity, to produce more nutrient-dense crops, all the while drawing down bad atmospheric carbon and turning them into good soil carbon.


For our first restore fund, we have awarded over HKD$700,000 to 8 different farms in the Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area, restoring soil health on over 2.1 million square feet of land. Practices range from investments in cover crops, mulch, natural nutrient amendments, tree/shrub establishment as well as compost application. Below you can find out more information about the recipients of this year's restore fund.

If you know a farmer in East Asia, China and South East Asia ready to grow food the regenerative way, get in touch as we work to open up a second grant season by Q4 of 2022!

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